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我急需歌劇魅影的英文簡介,請幫我找找!thanks a lot!!

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    Based on Gaston Leroux's 20th century French novel, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical is finally adapted into a film. Our story begins with Opera Populaire's manager, Lefevre, leaving. His successors, Andre and Firmin, take over the opera, and bring with them their new patron, le Victome Raoul de Changy. To celebrate their new managers, the opera throws a gala, at which the leading diva refuses to perform, due to the mysterious 'Opera Ghost' who seems determined to have the screeching diva leave. Without a diva, Andre and Firmin are strong-minded to find a new leading lady, so they invoke the talents of a young, chorus-singer named Christine Daae, who has been taking lessons from a mysterious tutor. Raoul, Christine's old childhood sweetheart, who recognizes her at her triumphant gala performance, wants to bring Christine back into his life. But, suddenly, Christine's mysterious tutor reveals himself to her... Now, will Christine ask everything of Raoul or listen to the Music of the Night?

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    The singers and dangers of the Opera House are frightened. They have seen a stranger behind the stage -- a man in a mask. Thee have been accidents. People have been hurt. People have disappeared. Raoul is in love with Christine -- a beautiful young opera singer. But she is quiet and afraid. Does she know the stranger?

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    Prologue It is 1911 and the contents of the Paris Opera House are being auctioned off. Present are the auctioneer, porters and bidders. Raoul, now seventy years old and in a wheelchair, buys a poster and a music box.

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    As the auctioneer displays the Opera House chandelier, he explains that it is connected with the legend of The Phantom of the Opera. With a flash of light, the audience is flung back in time, when the Paris Opera was at its height.

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    We are thrust in the middle of a rehearsal for the opera Hannibal. Monsieur Lefèvre, the retiring manager of the Opera, is showing the new managers, Monsieurs Firmin and André, the great stage.

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    As the prima donna, Carlotta, is singing, a backdrop falls to the floor, nearly killing her. The cry is raised, "It's The Phantom of the Opera!" Upset, Carlotta refuses to sing.

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    Meg Giry, daughter of the ballet mistress, Madame Giry, suggests her friend, Christine Daaé, take Carlotta's place. Christine has been taking lessons from a mysterious new teacher.

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    At her triumph in the Opera, is Raoul, a nobleman and patron of the Opera. Raoul recognizes Christine as a childhood friend. He comes backstage after the performance to escort her to dinner, but Christine tells him she cannot go, because her teacher, "The Angel of Music," is very strict.

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    When Raoul leaves Christine's room, the Phantom appears. Christine is lured into the bowels of the Opera House, where the Phantom will continue her lessons.

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