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自我介紹 麻煩幫中翻英


麻煩大大幫忙翻成英文 謝謝~

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    你確定要這樣介紹嗎? 很糟耶, 如果你可以接受其他講法, 或許我可以幫你

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    煩請您給我你的背景 預申請校系 還有你得獎的比賽是什麼 因為你寫的太空洞了 這樣不夠具說服力

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    我假設你是光復中學的學生來寫, 我是清大畢業的, 今年要出國念書, 希望我的回答對你有幫助, 如果有問題, 請跟我說, 我看看能不能再做修改, 文法如果有錯的地方, 請網友幫忙留意一下

    Good morning (afternoon), professors, I am xxx. It’s fine for you to call me by my English name, xxx. I come from the wind city, Hsin Chu. In this biggest high-tech city, I can learn more new things than in other cities. I am an active person, interested in everything around me, and enjoy trying new things. My friends always describe me as an innovative man. In my family, besides my parents, I still have one older brother. They all support my decision to pursuit advanced knowledge in any professional field.

    I am now studying in Kuang Fu senior high school. Besides my major courses, I love to contact machines such as the engine of motors. I also feel interested in physics, especially in mechanics, dynamics and electrics. The reason of my interests flows from my club, electrical technique club. From the learning of this club, I think I have more sufficient electrical knowledge than others. Moreover, I have good English abilities. In my leisure time, English novels are my favorite. However, I find out that there are still many things I don’t understand in the academic area. So I decide to pursue advanced study at Ming Chuan University, which I believe it’s the most ideal place to get what I need.

    After earning the degree, I will pursuit more erudite knowledge in the field of electrical engineering. If admitted as a student of Ming Chuan University, I would draw fully on my strong motivation, educational background, and learning ability to make the most of my great opportunity. Thank you very much.

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    ok, 給我一兩天想想, 我這個人回答比較龜毛, 要答的話, 一定要正確, 並盡可能的好, 看了上面回你的那兩個回答, 我實在不知道該說什麼了

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    Each oral examination committee member is good. I am called XXX, comes from to the Hsinchu city. In family besides parents, but also some greatly I two year-old elder brother. In family's economical condition is ordinary, is ordinary and the happy family. My usual leisure activity is the movement, accesses the net, watches the television, reading......等等。從小成績就都保持的還不錯,也參予過一些比賽、競試,頗有佳績。國中時參加過電子工藝社,讓我對電子這方面產生了濃厚的興趣,所以希望能夠進入貴校就讀此系,讓我學到更多有關這方面的專業知識。未來出社會也將會以這方面的發展為主,闖出自己的一片天。

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    背景是指..? 我是私立高中的 學測分數並不是很亮眼 校推薦是銘傳電子工程 個人申請有中原機械.逢甲材料複合纖維.淡江機械 我沒參加過相關的競賽..高中生活很平淡!!~_~"

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    不好意思麻煩了 謝謝喔^^

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    Hello! My name is ***. I live in Hsinchu City. There are four people in my family. They are my father,mother,brother and I.



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