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尋翻譯高手 ~~履歷表翻譯

個人資訊國籍: 台灣省苗栗縣§年齡: 23§出生地: 台灣省 

教育程度育達商業技術學院應用經濟系君毅高級中學 資料處理科後龍國中大山國小



打工經驗92年6月-8月 榮衍有限公司 會計助理93年-94年 禎三童裝 銷售員94年3月-6月 00商業技術學院 應用經濟系系辦工讀生 94年7月-95年今 金瑞發國際有限公司

鑑定執照電腦軟體應用 丙級會計事務 丙級美容 丙級美容 乙級中文輸入 41字

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    Personal information nationality: Taiwan Miaoli County § age: 23 § native places: Taiwan

    The level of deucation teaches the deluxe high school data processing section Houlung junior high school Tashan elementary school of attaining applied economic department in institute of business technology gentleman 毅

    Turn for 90 years that win a prize the deeds environmental protection bureau in Miaoli County rotting for magic-the creativity style competes in the third place

    The interest movable computer network, the colourful makeup of the hairdressing, plays tennis

    Work 92 years of experience June-August glory 衍 limited company accounting assistant of 93 years-94 years, three 00 institute of business technologies of March-June of 94 years of the children's clothes sale member of 禎 apply the economic department department to do 94 years of servitor July-95 years the gold 瑞 to deliver the international limited company now

    Authenticate the license computer software application C grade the accounting the business C grade hairdressing C grade hairdressing second grade Chinese to input 41 words




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