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    歌手:香蕉女皇 Bananarama專輯:第一女主角 DRAMA發行日期:2006年2月10日 CD曲目:01. Move In My Direction02. Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)03. Waterfall04. Frequency05. Feel For You06. Don’t Step On My Groove07. Middle Of Nowhere08. I Love The Way09. Lovebite10. Rules Of Attraction11. Your Love Is Like A Drug12. Venus (Marc Almond HI NRG Showgirl Remix)13. Really Saying Something (Solasso Remix)14. Move In My Direction(The Lovefreekz Radio Edit)15. Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) Angle City Short RemixDVD內容:01. Move In My Direction─Music Video02. Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)─ Music Video

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    芭娜娜拉瑪合唱團 / 第一女主角 (Bananarama / DRAMA)

    01. Move In My Direction

    02. Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)

    03. Waterfall

    04. Frequency

    05. Feel For You

    06. Dont Step On My Groove

    07. Middle Of Nowhere

    08. I Love The Way

    09. Lovebite

    10. Rules Of Attraction

    11. Your Love I Like A Drug

    12. Venus (Marc Almond Hi Nrg Showgirls Mix)

    13. Really Saying Something (Solasso Mix)

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