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有誰對這兩套作業系統了解Fedora &Red Hat



–OS的標誌(Logo) –OS簡介 –主要特點 –發展的里程碑(歷史簡介) –重要的領導人 –對作業系統的影響 –操作界面介紹 –問題與討論

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    Basically, Fedora Core & Red Hat are the same.

    Currently, I am using Fedora Core 4. However, I used to use Red Hat 9 before. I feel that FC4 is more user friendly than RH9. Also, RH9 is probably a little bit too old for today's computer.

    Red Hat Linux 最新是 Red Hat 9 (April 30, 2004) RH9 是最後一版, 不會再出新的了. If you really want to try Linux, I suggest that you use FC5, since it is coming soon this month.

    如果只是想試看看Linux, 我建議你先在你的 Windows machine 裝 vmware. vmware 可以讓你 run Linux OS under Windows without re-partition you HD. (if you want a copy a vmware, i can send you)Or you can try Linux live CD, like Knoppix.

    Red hat on Wikipedia:

    Fedora Core Linux official website:

    Fedora Core on Wikipedia:

    目前穩定版出到 Fedora Core 4 (June 13, 2005)

    download links:

    Fedora Core 5 預計 March 15, 2006 release.

    2006-03-08 13:59:22 補充:

    Redhat Linux and Redhat Enterprise Linux are different.

    Wikipedia has Chinese translation.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Redhat Linux 不是出到9就沒有了,是"free"的版本只出到9。

    更新的目前有Redhat Enterprise 2,

    Redhat Enterprise 3。最新的是Redhat Enterprise 4。

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