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請問這篇英文Thank you for bookin的意思?

Thank you for booking at sleepy sam\'s bed & breakfast! We do have beds for you - ours is a quiet place, and people sleep very well here! As well as quiet, safe, secure, fully airconditioned and ultra-clean, the S$25/person/night includes breakfast, free internet, maps (english and chinese) and lots of advice on what to do and where to go to enjoy yourself in Singapore!

In order to secure your booking we just need your firm confirmation by email, and to let us know if your plans change. We have your arrival date as 28th April, is that correct? May we know your flight number and arrival time?

Getting here from the airport by MRT (metro/subway) is easy - at station EW12 Bugis take exit B up escalator, turn right up Victoria street (2 blocks, past Raffles Hospital and Golden Landmark), turn right along Arab Street (1 block), and left into Muscat and then into Bussorah Street - it\'s a pedestrian street! The map below may help too. Or taxis are inexpensive, approx S$20. Bussorah Street is a pedestrian street so taxi drivers aren\'t familiar with the name, so tell the taxi driver to go to Beach Road and turn left after Arab street. It\'s a good idea to note down our phone number 9277 4988 just in case, and to print out the map below.

If arriving by bus from Malaysia you\'ll alight at either Queen Street or Golden Mile, which are both within 5-10mins walking distance. If alighting at Lavender it\'s 1 MRT stop away, or a 5min $4 taxi ride.

We are looking forward to welcome you and we are sure our spring mattresses and fluffy pillows will make your short stay in Singapore a very relaxing experience!

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    Thank you for your booking此處的意思是感謝您的訂房


    感謝您預訂Sleepy sam’s bed&breakfast!我們目前仍有空房給您-我們的房間是很安靜的,之前來過的旅客都睡得很好!我們的房間很安全,有空調、非常的乾淨,就如同安靜一樣的好。一個人一天晚上新加坡幣25元包含了早餐,免費的網路,地圖(英文版和中文版)還有許多讓您享受新加坡的建議行程。


    從機場搭捷運過來很方便,您可以從EW12Bugis站的出口B的扶梯出站,然後在Victoria街 (越過Raffles Hospital和Golden Landmark 2個街口)右轉,再沿著Arab街(過1個街口)右轉,再左轉進Muscat然後到了Bussorah街-這是一個行人徒步區!我們附上的地圖或許對您也有幫助。或是搭計程車也可以,計程車資並不貴,大約新加坡幣20元左右。因為Bussorah街是一個行人徒步區所以計程車司機不是那麼熟悉那個街名,所以請告訴計程車司機走beach road然後在過了Arab street左轉。建議您記下我們的電話92774988,及將所附的地圖印出來以備不時之需。

    如果您是從馬來西亞坐公車來,你可以在Queen Street 或是Golden Mile站下車,從那二站走過來大概都在 5到10分鐘之內。如果您在Lavender下車,那是前一個捷運站,坐計程車過來大概還要5分鐘,約4元。


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    Thank you for booking 的意思是多謝您的預約/預留

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    並且以e mail回信給它


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