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這是我的英語作文 第一次寫 寫的很破 但也花了我2小時多 沒辦法 因為我才國一 但算拿來唸的 看哪位高手可以幫忙訂正一下我的錯誤 或修一下文意 謝謝~no盜文

At the favorite class is Association Activity.why? because It has the challenge and funny.i like new things and try it. this class is deep Affects to me.

The knowledge is endless.The relative pressure also is big.the word.In music domain,I realize the means.My Association Activity is wind band of ZHONG XING,

Is very famous in the Taoyuan,But the very few people knew hard.

I am flutistin the band.I very happily have this chance.I am very treasure even thoug very hard. but i will away arduously,Each class All let me learn to New knowledge.Study is good.plenitude our life.

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    My favorite class in school is "Association Activity". I enjoy this class because it is challenging and fun and also because I like to try new things. This class is especially interesting to me since it deeply affects me. The knowledge I can gain from this class seems to be endless; therefore, sometimes I feel relatively stressed about taking this class. This class involves a wind band called "Zhong Xing". Although the band is very well-known in the Taoyuan area, very few people have heard of it elsewhere. I am the flutist in the band. I am very happy to have this opportunity to partake in the band even though it is very quite demanding at times. Regardless of the hard work, I will continue to try to learn new things in each class since gaining new knowledge fulfills life.


    the word.In music domain,I realize the means.


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