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翻譯名詞解釋(很簡單的= =)20點!!謝啦




*管理(Administrative/Human Resource):


*企劃(Corporate Planning):


*公關(Public Relations):

業務職掌分為對內公關及對外公關兩部分。前者可利用內部刊物,達到所有員工對公司的政策走向及各項訊息有更清楚的瞭解。後者包括發表新聞稿(News Release)給媒體。

*業務(Sales/Marketing & Service):





* AGP(Airframe Powerplant General):


*Shop(or Base)廠站維修:


*REI(Radio Electronic Instrument)航電維修:






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    Desk work administrative personnel


    See the company scale dimension, there is the different section that accounting traffic,the finance management,ticket examines etc..

    *Manage(the Administrative/Human Resource):

    The traffic job description includes to develop the company organization plan, establishing the company manpower plan, programing the training system and developing the plan, drawing up the employee who match the ordinance the work rule.

    *Plan(the Corporate Planning):

    "Think tank" of the like company of the work quality, particularly often need according to inside the variety of the outside environment do(SWOT) the analysis, revising the strategy direction of the company.

    *Public relations(the Public Relations):

    The traffic job description is divided into to inside public relations and outward two fractions of public relations.The former can make use of the internal publication, the policy trend and various informations that reach all employees to the company contain clearer understand. The latter includes to announce the press release(the News Release) to media.

    *Traffic(Sales/Marketing& Service):

    The traffic job description includes to establish the business quota, supervising and control and evaluating the flight path the operation the performance, layout also promote empty,the ground duty and various products of freight transportation and service, draw-up the price strategy also establish the market price, layout sell closed path and management the flight goes together with to sell, handling traveller matter of reporting, draw up the advertisement the generalize the policy etc. affair.


    The traffic job description includes the maintenance and the data storage preservation of computerizing the system soflectiont & hardware.

    Maintain the personnel

    * AGP(the Airframe Powerplant General):

    The AGP means the airplane machine body/engine/general system.

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