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mother and father were not home I was the eldest among siblings,I like commander-in-chief to be same.

But mother and father are home I like puppet,

I am the puppet of mother and father




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    I am the boss at home when my parents are not around,

    but if they are, I am only the puppet of them.

    puppet 雖是木偶的意思, 但 a puppet of + 人,就是某人的傀儡的意思。

    第二句的 if they are省略了 around, 這樣比較簡潔。

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    哦,對,in charge of 才加名詞在後面。

    Source(s): my experience
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    in charge要加of吧?

  • 1 decade ago

    I am in charge everything while my parents are not home, but when they are home, I am controlled by them.

    Source(s): 這樣比較合理
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