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education monopolizing


A profession may be defined sociologically as an occupation that has a strong corporate identity and closure enforced through licensing and through formal education monopolizing admission into practice. It is its formal education that raises a \"profession\" above the status of a mere craft, in explicit contrast to the familistic or guild structure of on-the-job training by apprenticeship. This is an ideal type rather than an absolute contrast, and historically there are gradations between the two types.


education monopolizing admission into practice是什麼?

explicit contrast 是不是指“明顯的對比”

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    社會學上的定義,將『專業』界定為:強而有力且封閉的某種職業團體,透過證照制度和正規的教育以壟斷執業許可,也正是這正規的教育將專業的地位提昇、凌駕於純粹技藝之上,顯然有別於師徒制的在職訓練的指導結構,不過,與其說是專業與技藝的截然不同,倒不如說是專業才是理想的型態。就歷史發展上看來,在這兩制種型態間,也存在著漸進發展的關係。 education monopolizing admission into practice:正規的教育壟斷執業許可explicit contrast 明顯的對比

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