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請大家幫幫忙唷!! 翻譯這幾句英文

\" 或許!!我能夠忘了妳 \"

\" 當愛不再熱戀時 \"

\" 決定放棄妳 \"


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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe I could forget you.

    When the fervent love has gone.

    I decide to put you out of my head.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Perhaps!! I could erase you from my mind"

    "Perhaps!! I'll be able to forget you"

    "When love has lose its passion"

    "When love has no more ador"

    "When love is no longer passionate"

    "decide to let go of you"

    "decide to give up on you"

    "decide to set you free"

    "I've made up my mind to set you free..."

    "I've made up my mind to let you go"


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