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小素 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

what is supply chain?

1.what is supply chain?

2.what is supply chain Management?

3.what is the purpose of supply chain management?



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    -"A supply chain is the sequence of organizations- their facilities, functions, and activities- that are involved in producing and delivering a product or service. The sequence begins with basic suppliers of raw materials and extends all the way to the final customer..." (Stevenson, 2005, p.23).

    -"Supply chain management includes the supply, storage, and movement of materials, information, personnel, equipment, and finished goods within the organization and etween its environment." (Singh, 2006).

    -"Goal of supply chain management is to integrate the entire process of satisfying the customer's needs all along the supply chain." (Singh, 2006)

    -"The need for supply chain management:

    1. The need to improve operations

    2. Increasing levels of outsourcing

    3. Increasing transportation costs

    4. Copetitive pressures

    5. Increasing globalization

    6. Increasing importance of e-commerce

    7. The complexity of supply chains

    8. The need to manage inventories" (Stevenson, 2005, p.695~696)

    -"Benefits of effective supply chain management:

    lower costs, higher productivity, greater agility, shorter lead times, higher profits, and greater customer loyalty." (Stevenson, 2005, p.696)

    - elemtent of supply chain management:

    customers, forecasting, design, capacity planning, processing, inventory, purchasing, suppliers, location, and logistics. (Stevenson, 2005, p.697)

    Source(s): 1. Stevenson, W.J. (2005). Operations Management (8th edition). McGraw-Hill Irwin: Boston. 2. Singh, P.J. (2006). Supply chain management (i). Managing Operations lecture, delivered on 2 February, The University of Melbourne
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  • 1 decade ago

    這是管理的東西你是商管類的學生是吧 ^^"

    我簡單說他的中文 你在其摩搜尋引擎上打 就會有很多

    第一個就是 "供應鏈"(supply chain)

    第二個是 "供應鏈管理"(supply chain Management)

    第三個是 "供應鏈管理目標"(purpose of supply chain management)

    抱歉阿~因為網路上真的很多 你去圖書館借也很多

    不難找到 就簡單的 說一下他的中文~ ^^"


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