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  • K
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    2 decades ago
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    有出過專輯喔~~ 很棒 你可以找找

    2006-03-05 22:32:40 補充:

    我很喜歡Life For Rent 那張至於Stan那首Dido唱的片段就是Dido的Thank you這首~

    2006-03-05 23:48:24 補充:

    我印象中Life For Rent整張都很棒這張主打的是Life for Rent跟White Flag

  • 黑箱
    Lv 4
    2 decades ago
  • Lv 5
    2 decades ago

    No angel 1. Here With Me

    2. Hunter

    3. Don't Think Of Me

    4. My Lover's Gone

    5. All You Want

    6. Thankyou

    7. Honestly Ok

    8. Slide

    9. Isobel

    10. I'm No Angel

    11. My Life

    12. Take My Hand

    1. Thank You (Deep Dish Mix)

    2. Thank You (Deep Mix)

    3. Here With Me (Chillin'...

    4. Here With Me (Lukas Bu...

    5. Hunter (Francois K Mix)

    life for rent 1. White Flag

    2. Stoned

    3. Life For Rent

    4. Mary's In India

    5. See You When You're 40

    6. Don't Leave Home

    7. Who Makes You Feel

    8. Sand In My Shoes

    9. Do You Have A Little Time

    10. This Land Is Mine

    11. See The Sun

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