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1. What do kids do on Halloween night?

2.What thing do you know about Halloween?

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    They used to buy a big fat pumpkin, hollow it out and then carve a scary face on it.

    When this pumpkin is set in a window with a candle inside, it becomes a "jack-o-lantern." It can frighten away evil spirits from your house.

    All the students wore masks. Even their best friends couldn't recognize them in the party.

    One of traditional customs was "bobbing for apples".

    Several kids would kneel on the floor around a tub which was filled with water and there

    are many apples floating in. They all dropped their heads down into the water and tried to pick up as many apples as they could with their mouths.

    There is a custom called "trick-or treating." Kids used to dress up as ghosts or witches and go from door to door.Friedly neighbors usually gives them a lot of candy.

    Kids can put the candy in large paper bags and move on the next house.

    Source(s): 遠東圖書
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    1. kids always knock on the doors of their neightbours and say '' trick or treat ! " to ask for candies

    2. people always hollow out a pumpkin in order to make a "jack-o-lantern"

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