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    http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/nf2875.htm ←這邊還有很多喔!可以自己選一下!^^寓言故事中英文版---井底之蛙 從前有隻青蛙,在淺井裏居住。一天,牠遇見一隻從東海來的大鱉。 井蛙對大鱉說:「我真是樂透了!高興時,便在井欄上跳躍。疲倦時,就躺在破磚上休息。回到水裏,我只是露出我的頭游泳。跳到泥裏,我則埋沒我的雙腿。我回頭看看井裏的赤蟲、蟹和蝌蚪。牠們可不及我快樂呢!井水是我,因為這口井屬於我,這就是最大的喜樂啊!你有空不妨來探望我。」 大鱉聽了,就跟著井蛙入井裏,怎知左腳還未伸進去,右腳已經絆住了,於是便從容地退了出來。 大鱉給逗樂了,便對青蛙說:「東海的大,我無法給你描,因為那是無法測量的。水災既不能增加它的深度,旱災也不能減少它一吋。它的深度,是不會因時間的長短,或兩量的多少而有所改變。這就是東海最大的喜樂啊!」 井蛙聽了,驚訝得呆一邊。 The Frog In The Well There was once a frog who made his home in a shallow well. One day he met a turtle from the East Sea. "I'm extremely happy!" the frog told the turtle. "When on the ground, I would leap up and down the railing of the well. When I'm tired, I would rest on the broken bricks." "Back in the water, I would swim with only my head above the surface. When I walk in the mud, I would bury my feet. I look back at the worms, crabs, and tadpoles who share my well. They can't be as happy as I am." "The pool of water belongs to me because the well is mine. This is the greatest pleasure!" the frog said proudly. "You should come visit me some time!" The turtle went with the frog to the shallow well. Lifting his right foot, he tried to enter the well. But it got stuck even before he could extend his left one, so he leisurely retreated. Rather amused, the turtle said, "I can't tell you how vast the East Sea is, for it is beyond measure. However, flood doesn't increase its depth the least bit, and drought can't make it lose an inch. Its depth does not change with time, nor does it change with the amount of rainfall. This is its greatest pleasure!" On hearing the turtle, the frog was dumbfounded.

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    The old painter knows oneself and does not grow in day of a life time.But win to without a masterpiece from cradle to the grave, how can be pleased to leave?

    The painter of the young girl is besetting by both poverty and sickness under the will of losing the existence.She says the wall to drop down that day up the last long spring rattan maple leaf, would being the day that she meets the Azrael.

    The old painter knows this matter, know he leaves the whole life masterpiece of the chance went to, a night, the rains and winds hand over to add, everyone thinks, certainly canning not seeing the long spring rattan last leaf tomorrow.But get up in the morning, that maple leaf also did not move 1:00.The young girl says:"I What a bad child!The great universe is telling I how should live under go to, but I resolve to the dead!"She gets up the foppery the oneself, soon, the disease also recovered from illness.

    But night of rains and winds, take the paintbrush and the color dish, climb up the ladder, the old painter who chase a slice of maple leaf painting on the wall, be infected by the serious pneumonia.Break the in a flash of the spirit at him, hope the wall happily up the masterpiece of his whole life.Unselfish dead, change to come to another life, this is the greatest art work.

    And the maple tree branch those two slices of maple leafs of only remaining, relate the story of that beauty time and time again

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