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The basic contribution of health professionals is intellectual in nature in that they produce, apply, preserve, and communicate knowledge. The word profession literally means to \"testify on behalf of \"or \"stand for something.\" Health professionals profess their commitment to serving society.

Pharmacists not only profess to be experts in medication use therapy, but are also committed to helping improve a patient\'s quality of life through achieving optimal outcomes in medication therapy.

Mrtek and Catizone describe the work of professionals as being public, special, and exclusive. The work of professionals is public in nature because they must demonstrate an unselfish concern for, and serve. the needs of, others.


The functions performed by professionals are special in nature in that they are complex then what can be observed. For instance, there is much more to filling a prescription than what can be directly observed.

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Whereas an outsider could observe the acts of entering a prescription and dispensing a medication, the cognitive component of filling the prescription

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(e.g., screening the prescription and dose for appropriateness, checking for drug-drug, drug-disease., drag-lab, and drug-food interactions) would be indiscernible.

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The exclusive nature of the functions performed by professionals sterna from regulations and authority granted by state and federal agencies (e.g., licensure) that determine who is permitted to practice and under what conditions.

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Many individuals have identified additional characteristics and responsibilities of a professional. For instance, Abraham Flexner first identified the attributes of a profession in 1915, on which Isidor Throme elaborated in 1942.

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One of the attributes identified by Flexner and Thomer is that the profession provides a relatively specific function that its practitioners depend on for their livelihood and social status.

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Professionals perform the necessary functions for society that society cannot provide for itself. In return for this service, society grants professionals special privileges, such as, internal control and autonomy in decision making within their realms of expertise.

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In accepting this responsibility, professionals generally rely on a code of ethics and peer review mechanisms m help maintain a standard of conduct that exceeds regulatory requirements.

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    健康專業人士的基本貢獻在自然中是智力的在他們生產,應用,保護,而且溝通知識。 自職業照字面上地意謂 " 證明代表 " 或者 " 代表某事. " 健康專業人士聲稱他們的服務社會的承諾。


    Mrtek 和 Catizone 把專業人士的工作說成是公眾的﹐特別的﹐和獨家。 因為他們一定要示範不自私的關心,所以專業人士的工作在自然中是公眾的因為,和服務。 需要,其它。

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    被專業人士表現的功能在自然中是特別的在他們然後是複雜的什麼能被觀察。 舉例來說,那裡對超過能直接地被觀察的東西填充一個處方是更多。

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    被來自條例和權威的專業人士 sterna 表現的功能的獨家性質被州和決定誰被允許練習的聯邦調查局 (舉例來說,許可證)和在什麼為條件之下允許。

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    許多個體已經識別一個專業人士的附加特性和責任。 舉例來說,亞伯拉罕 Flexner 在 1915 年首先識別了了職業的屬性, 哪一個 Isidor Throme 在 1942 年詳細地說明在.之上

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    屬性之一識別由 Flexner 和 Thomer 是職業提供一個它的開業者為他們的生計和社會地位仰賴的相對特定的功能。

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    在接受這一責任方面,專業人士通常仰賴一個道德規範的密碼而且凝視機制 m 幫忙維持一個行為的標準以超過管制的 requiremen 的檢討

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    衛生業職員的基本的貢獻是智力的在自然裡他們生產, 申請, 保存, 並且通信知識。 詞行業逐字地意味"作證代表" 或"代表某事。"衛生業職員公開宣稱他們的承諾對服務社會。

    藥劑師不僅公開宣稱是關於療程用途療法的專家, 但並且承諾幫助改進患者的生活水平通過達到優選的結果在療程療法。

    Mrtek 和Catizone 作為是描述專家工作公開, 特別, 並且獨家新聞。 專家工作是公開在自然裡因為他們必須展示不謀私利的關心為, 並且服務。 需要, 其他人。

    作用由專家執行了是特別的在自然裡他們是複雜的然後什麼可能被觀察。 例如, 有更多對填裝處方比什麼可能直接地被觀察。

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