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裩於英文的題目 棒我解答一下謝謝

--------- lower prices may lead to higher sales seems to be taking hold among retailers in Japan.

1.It is noticed that

2. The alien notion

3.They are noition

4.The alien notion that


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    答案不是2 應該是 4

    首先,看到句中的 seems 就知道這句已經有動詞了,因此應該挑一個沒有動詞的選項 -> 1,3 不合

    這句話的主詞是 notion,而 "lower prices may lead to higher sales" 這整個句子是用來形容主詞的

    而 notion 或 fact 的用法

    The fact that + 完整句

    The notion that + 完整句

    例 :

    The fact that Tom is girl is true.

    The notion that gods don't exist is true.

    因此 2 不合

    2006-03-05 16:32:46 補充:

    所以這整句的結構(The alien notion that lower prices may lead to higher sales)(主詞)<seems to be taking hold><動詞>[among retailers in Japan][受詞]

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