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1.The product was then subjected to various tests relating to stacking, leakage, foil ”peelability, ”and shelf life. May of the tests were carried out in laboratories. For instance, shelf life can be tested artificially by manipulating certain storage conditions. The product was also shown to potential customers and exhibited at trade shows.



Although the product had weight and storage advantages over miniatures, and although airlines had expressed some interest in the product, no airline was willing to test its use. Pourshins was faced with a catch-22 situation. Potential customers wanted to know what the selling price per unit would be, but the company could not be specific about that without a predictable level of sales. Four spiriture-filling assembly lines producing 8 million units a year would be only twice as expensive as one line producing 2 million units. Because of such economies of scale, selling price would be highly dependent on sales volume.


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    peelability : 剝落性、可去皮性。

    Pourshins: 公司名稱,

    "Pourshins - an international Business Process Outsourcing specialist to the airline industry, encompassing 4PL logistics and inventory management for airlines, caterers, brokers & product suppliers.“



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