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1.To make things worse, 主詞+動詞

2.As a consequence, 主詞+動詞

3.discourage sb. from V-ing

4.encourage sb. to v

5.for the purpose of v-ing

6.To begin with , 主詞+動詞 ..... Besides.....

同學要的 我想不出來 盡量有前後文意

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    1. To make things worse, you can't find a better person but John.


    2. As a consequence, we shoul have practiced harder.


    3. You shouldn't encourage him to make this decision.


    4. She works day and night for the purpose of earning more money.


    5. To begin with, find a person you love. Besides, to make him(her) love you is equally important.


    Source(s): 都是自己胡編的,可能很好笑又創造力不足,讓網友們來集思廣益吧。
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