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請各為提供我一些有關目前環境問題、污染等英文單字,例如:air pollution...,謝謝...

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    environmental protection 環保

    car exhaust 汽車廢氣

    waste water 廢水

    waste gas 廢氣

    waste 廢物

    chemicals 化學物品

    noise 噪音

    noise pollution 噪音污染

    air pollution 空氣污染

    water pollution 水污染

    soil pollution 土壤污染

    garbage 垃圾

    nuclear waste 核廢料

    incinerator 焚化爐

    fertilizer 肥料

    pesticide 殺蟲劑

    plastic bag 塑膠袋

    plastic product 塑膠製品

    pollutant 汙染物

    pollution / contamination 污染

    noxious gas 有毒氣體

    the level of pollution 污染程度

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    pollution 污染

    pollution 污染

    pollution 污染

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    environment環境 an environmental protection section環保garbage; trash contamination

    垃圾問題 incinerator焚化爐 ecological distribution; 生態保護

    Source(s): 努力學英文ㄉ我
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