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什麼是emergent viruses

什麼是emergent viruses,請用中英文回答...並舉例...越詳細越好!



我們老師說像AIDS,Ebola...都是emergent viruses,可以跟我說位什麼,和還有哪些?並解釋位什麼是emergent viruses?

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    Most emergent viruses are zoonotic, with natural animal reservoirs a more frequent source of new viruses than is the spontaneous evolution of a new entity. The most frequent factor in emergence is human behaviour that increases the probability of transfer of viruses from their endogenous animal hosts to man. Rodents and arthropods are most commonly involved in direct transfer, and changes in agricultural practices or urban conditions that promote rodent or vector multiplication favour increased incidence of human disease. Other animals, especially primates, are important reservoirs for transfer by arthropods. Because arthropod transmission plays a very large part in infectious animal disease, specifically potential emergent virus epidemics.


    emergent viruses是『突現病毒』,是人畜共通副黏液病毒,常透過囓齒目動物及節枝動物轉換成的濾過性病毒,是一種潛在性的傳染病毒。

    Source(s): Byron T. Weeks, MD
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    emergent viruses-緊急病毒這是用翻譯系統翻譯出來ㄉ所以應該是正確ㄉ

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