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NaHCO3 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

幫我修正一下文法~今天要交了(Little women故事)

In Little women character , I think Jo‘s personality most stands for my personality ,

Although impulse personality is not good , but it can be control . In Little women,

I learn wealth is more valueless than love , peace and health . because in before birthday , I often wished to become handsome or made good grades , I never wished the world to be peace or good heath this is value than I wished .this is good knowledge for me after I had read Little women .

In this book , because Mr. March went to Battlefield , Mrs. March ‘s responsibility

Became more heavy , though they was poor , they didn’t afraid , even gave the breakfast for

others , in this case , I can know that March family really had the compassion very much.

Four sister often quarreled with others , but they were not because they disliked others

,they quarreled because love , Mr. March and Mrs. March worked hard for daughter,

and told them couldn’t forget to be little women’s responsibility . Although I don’t know what the ”little women” means . But to March family , its means certainly extremely profound.

After I had read this book , I found Mrs . March is like each mother , In silent appearance , they silently paying , four sisters’s daily lives, I think they all missed their father and wished father to came back early . this sense I can’t experience , and I don’t want to experience because sense of seeing those letter their father wrote , I will be sad . In this book also have some interesting things , one of the things is Jo regard salt as sugar , in that time was so embarrassing .

Little women’s family is really colorful , and they are all happy everyday , so cute.



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    Of all the Characters in the book of "Little women", Jo an I share the most same personality. Although an impulsive personality is bad, but it can be controlled. From Little women, I learned that wealthiness is not as valueable as true love, peace and health. I often make wishes like I wish I become more handsome or have good grades, I have never made a wish abouot world peace or good heath. Little women is a a book full of knowledge.

    In this book. Mr.March went to Battlefield, so Mrs.March was responsible for the heavy burden of the whole family. Even though they were poor, they have no fear at all. They even gave away their breakfast to others. The March family set up a a good example for showing their compassion for the needed.

    The four sister often quarreled with each others , but they quarreled out of love, Mr. March and Mrs. March worked hard for their daughters and told them that they shouldn't forget their responsibilities being one of the little women.

    After I reading this book, I found Mrs. March is just like an ordinary mother, she raised up the four sisters alone. They all missed their father and wished their father could come back earlier. I would not want to experience this myself but its really sad for the four sisters to see their father's letters. This book is based on a true story. One time Jo regarded salt as sugar, its really interesting and embarrassing for him.

    Little women's family lived a colorful life and they all are happy everyday, so cute.

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  • Tiger
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    2 decades ago

    Among Little Women characters, Jo's personality very much matches mine. Although (impulse personality?) is not good, it can be controlled. In Little Women, wealth is less important than love, peace or health. In my previous birthday parties, my wishes were always either becoming more handsome or having better grades but not world peace or good health. This is a good lesson I have learned from this book.

    Also since Mr. March went for Battlefield, his wife's loading became much heavier than before since she needed to take of both mother and father's roles. She not only took care of everyday lives but shared everything they had with others such as breakfasts even they are economically poor. They really show us a really good paradigm to follow along. Love makes us rich.

    Four sisters often quarreled to each other, but not because of hatred but love. Their parents worked very hard for them and encouraged them not to forget the responsibilty of a little women. Even I am not sure I fully understand what the definition of "little women", it means a lot for this family.

    In addition, just like every mother in the real world, Mrs. March takes care of four daughters and the hole family alone while missing her hundred and waiting for his back. How the stressful it would be! Although I was touched by this book, I don't really like to see that happens to my own life.

    Besides that, the author also describes some interesting stories such as once Jo misused salt as sugar in her food(dinner?). Overall, the life in this family is that real and everyone is this family is that unique and special. I love it.

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    Please don't feel sad since you are doing a very good job. Few things you may consider to improve your writing:1. proofread your article at least three times2. try to make it "story-like" instead of combination of short sentences.3. mimic a native English speaker to write an article

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    能不能講我哪裡錯阿? please refer to mine, then you would see...

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    I am a little bit surprised that mine was not selected. But you may still use the sentences I used in my answer. Good luck.

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