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The families were asking more than just an apology. They demanded the KMT make public all of its archives concerning the incident so that the nation could know the whole truth and pinpoint the culprits.

\"If the KMT fails to present to the nation the whole truth of the slaughtering, the people of Taiwan will continue living in mutual suspicion and hate forever,\" said Chang An-man, whose grandfather, father and uncle were executed by the government during the suppression.

Another man, Huang Chin-tao, who spent 24 years in jail following the suppression, demanded the KMT set up an investigation committee to identify the \"murderers.\"

A government report completed earlier this month claimed late President Chiang Kai-shek was fully responsible for authorizing the suppression.

The authors of the report said Chiang, despite the fact that he was in mainland China in 1947, was well aware of the massacre taking place in Taiwan.

The report has sparked a debate between the authors and Chiang\'s grandson, KMT Legislator John Chiang, who was also present at the ceremony.

The lawmaker has maintained that it was the administration in 1947 that should shoulder the blame, not the party, or his grandfather.

Chiang\'s arrival at the ceremony created some turmoil as some families trying to drive him away were restrained by others.

He listened attentively to the speeches by the families, and declined to make any comments when the ceremony was over.

Legislator Chiang\'s attempt to get the KMT and his grandfather completely off the hook is in line with Ma\'s differentiating the party from the government.

Ma also dismissed claims that the 228 Incident was a conflict between different ethnic groups. He said it was the result of government oppression of the people.

\"To prevent it from happening again, the government needs to avoid corruption and it should solve the people\'s complaints,\" Ma told the ceremony.

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    家庭要求更多比道歉。他們要求了KMT 做公眾全部它的檔案關於事件以便國家能知道整體真相和精確定位罪犯。"如果KMT 不提出對國家屠殺的整體真相, 臺灣的人民將持續居住在相互懷疑和永遠將恨," Chang 人說, 祖父、父親和伯父由政府執行在鎮壓期間。其它人, 黃下巴陶, 度過24 年在監獄跟隨鎮壓, 要求KMT 設定調查委員會辨認"兇手。"政府報告完成了被要求的已故的總統Chiang Kai-shek 本月初負責充分地對批准鎮壓。報告的作者說Chiang, 1947 年竟管他是在中國大陸, 很好意識到大屠殺發生在臺灣。報告激勵了一次辯論在作者和Chiang 的孫子, KMT 立法者約翰・Chiang 之間, 是還存在在儀式。立法委員主張1947 年, 這是管理應該擔負責備、不是黨, 或他的祖父。Chiang 的到來在儀式創造了一些動亂當一些家庭設法駕駛他由其他人克制了。他殷勤地聽了講話由家庭, 和拒□做任何意見當儀式是結束。立法者Chiang 的企圖得到KMT 和他的祖父逃脫完全地是根據Ma's 區分黨從政府。Ma 並且駁回的要求, 228 事件是一種衝突在不同的族群之間。他說這是人民的政府壓迫的結果。 "防止它再發生, 政府需要避免腐敗並且它應該解決人民的怨言," Ma 告訴儀式。

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