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The parents of the bride and groom arranged the marriage as a way of ending a fight between the two families who had been arguing over a farm for twenty years. Both families thought that they owned the farm, but no one knew exactly. The fight ended for good when the young boy married the young girl. By arranging this marriage, neither family was forced to lose face. The two families agreed to give the farm to the young couple.

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    * 'The parents of the bride and groom' 這個名詞組事實上是有歧義的

    它可以是 (the parents of the bride) and groom "新娘的父母親和新郎"

    也可以是(the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom) "新娘和新郎兩人的父母親"



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    新娘和馬夫的父母安排了結束二個已經爭論一個農場達二十年之久的家庭之間的鬥爭的婚姻。 兩家都認為他們擁有了農場,但是沒有人完全知道。 當年輕的男孩和年輕的女孩結婚了的時候,鬥爭永久結束了。 藉由安排這一婚姻,沒有一個家庭不得不拉下臉。 二個家庭同意把農場給年輕的夫婦。

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