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請問動作片電影 有分哪幾種?(英文)

請問有關於動作片的電影 可以被分為哪幾種?



謝謝(英文為優先) 也謝謝中文提供

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    Action Movie Subgenres - 動作片的分類

    1. Action drama - Combines action setpieces with serious themes, character insight: Man on Fire, Munich

    2. Action comedy - Mixture of action and comedy usually based on mismatched partners or unlikely setting: True Lies, Rush Hour

    3. Action thriller - Elements of action/adventure (car chases, shootouts, explosions) and thriller (plot twists, suspense, hero in jeopardy): Speed, The Bourne Identity

    4. Caper/Heist - Protagonists are carrying out robbery, usually for alturistic purposes: Sneakers, Ocean's Eleven

    5. Die Hard - Story takes place in limited location - single building or vehicle - siezed or under threat by enemy agents: Die Hard, The Rock, many, many more

    Current trends - 動作片各類的發展和趨勢:

    Current trends in action film include a development toward more elaborate fight scenes, perhaps because of the success of Asian martial arts elements, such as kung fu and karate, in Western film. Actors in action movies are now much more skilled in the art and aesthetic of fighting than they have been in the past, apart from a few acknowledged fighters like Steven Seagal. Now, a distinction can be made between films that lean toward physical agile fighting, such as The Transporter, and those that lean toward other common action film conventions, like explosions and plenty of gunfire, such as Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever or Lethal Weapon, although most action movies employ elements of both.


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    7 years ago 馬力碟(可能我不說,很多人已經知道了)



    而且最近上架了環太平洋、獨行俠、白宮末日、怪獸大學、超人 鋼鐵英雄、天使聖物 駭骨之城以及中國好聲音全場完整版等三十多部新片,片片都很經典,尤其是“環太平洋”和“獨行俠”這兩片,廣受大家喜歡,有興趣的朋友不妨看一下!

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