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    If fortunately is indebted fellow professors' recognition, enters expensively is goes study, I will be able to grasp such opportunity, will request oneself to establish the substantial rationale, will have the integrity, the comprehensive understanding to the entire specialized knowledge, will establish the good foundation, will proceed in an orderly way diligently completes my ideal. Below then is I Studies plan. In enters in front of HPU, can with the class in schoolmate's footsteps, complete my university the result, also uses quickly graduates on this period many languages curriculum, and takes as an elective some concerned Yu Ts'aichin the aspect the class, enriches from already, and for enters in front of HPU to make the ahead of time preparation. In reads Master Ban Zheituan the time, studies the specialized curriculum certainly gradually increases, I meet flowered more time in specialized subject reading, also can participate in the activity which in the school, extracurricular conducts, on the one hand is the development from already interpersonal relationship, on the one hand can from already unfolding which studies middle the activity. After graduation the hope can be engaged in with the undergraduate course is has the correlation the profession, and the nationality the specialized knowledge and the skill which studies by HPU in, for from has further split out landscape in this domain.以上您可以參考看看,再加以修改

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