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    [ti:Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)][ar:Lindsay Lohan][al: ][by: Sabrina chan] [00:00.00]Lindsay Lohan - Confession of Broken Heart[00:07.46]BY Sabrina Chan[00:08.84]I'll wait for the postman to bring me a letter[00:16.70]And I'll wait for the good lord to make me feel better[00:24.63]And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders[00:29.23]Family in crisis that only grows older Why'd you have to go?[00:34.67]Why'd you have to go?![00:37.54]Why'd you have to go?!![00:41.48]Daughter to Father![00:43.48]Daughter to Father![00:45.59]I am broken,[00:47.43]But I am hoping![00:49.35]Daughter to father![00:51.37]Daughter to father![00:53.50]I am cryin',a part of me's dyin'[00:55.38]And these are(these are), the confessions of a broken heart.[01:12.79]And I wear all your old clothes, the old polo sweater[01:20.32]I dream, of another you[01:25.56]One who would never[01:27.79]Never leave me alone to pick up the pieces[01:33.44]Daddy to hold me, thats what I needed[01:39.10]So why'd you have to go?[01:41.07]Why'd you have to go?![01:43.28]Why'd you have to go?!![01:45.50]Daughter to father![01:47.38]Daughter to father![01:49.35]I don't know you[01:51.28]But I still want to![01:53.34]Daughter to father![01:55.30]Daughter to father![01:57.54]Tell me the truth,did you ever love me?[02:01.05]Cause' these are!(these are)[02:04.85]The Confessions! of a broken heart(of a broken heart)!![02:16.92]I love you[02:20.95]I love you[02:24.86]I love you![02:29.00]I...!!!![02:35.77]I love you!!!![02:37.45]Daughter to Fahter![02:39.43]Daughter to Father![02:41.48]I don't know you[02:43.03]But I still want to!![02:45.22]Daughter to Father![02:47.23]Daughter to Father![02:49.25]Tell me the truth...![02:51.45]Did you ever love me?!!![02:55.38]Did you ever love me?!!!![03:01.07]These are...[03:09.41]The confessions...of a broken heart Ohhhh...yeah[03:25.08]And I wait for the post man to bring me a letter...[03:34.09]~End~

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