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  • 盈蓉
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    主顯節 Epiphany

    聖燈節 Candlemas

    林肯誕辰 Lincoln's Birthday

    情人節 Valentine's Day

    婦女節 Women's Day

    復活節 Easter Sunday

    愚人節 April Fool's Day

    植樹節 Arbor Day

    母親節 Mother's Day

    美紀念陣亡將士日 Memorial Day

    美國父親節 Father's Day

    美國獨立紀念日 Independence Day

    美國哥倫布紀念日 Columbus Day

    萬聖節 Halloween

    感恩節 Thanksgiving

    聖誕節 Christmas

    中華民國開國紀念日 Founding Anniversary of the Republic of China

    植樹節 Arbor Day

    國父逝世紀念日 Memorial Day of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Death

    青年節 Youth Day

    兒童節 Children's Day

    蔣公逝世紀念日 Memorial Day of President Chiang Kai-shek's Death

    清明節 Tomb Sweeping Day

    勞動節 Labor Day

    文藝節 Literary Day

    禁煙節 Opium Suppression Movement Day

    父親節 Father's Day

    記者節 Reporters' Day

    軍人節 Armed Forces Day

    教師節 Teacher's Day

    雙十節 Double-Tenth Day

    光復節 Taiwan Restoration Day

    蔣公誕辰紀念日 The Late President Chiaing Kai-shek's Birthday

    國父誕辰紀念日 Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday

    行憲紀念日 Constitution Day

    農民節 Farmer's Day

    元宵節 Lantern Festival

    端午節 Dragon Boat Festival

    中元節 Ghost Festival

    中秋節 Mid-Autumn festival

    重陽節 Double Ninth Festival

  • 2 decades ago

    Month by Month


    New Year's Day | Martin Luther King Day | Chinese New Year


    Black History Month | Groundhog Day | Valentine's Day | Presidents' Day | Abraham Lincoln's Birthday | Tu B'Shevat | George Washington's Birthday | Mardi Gras


    Women's History Month | Purim | St. Patrick's Day


    April Fool's Day | Passover | Easter | Arbor Day | Patriot's Day | Earth Day


    Cinco de Mayo | Mother's Day | Memorial Day


    Father's Day | Shavuot | Flag Day | Bunker Hill Day | Juneteenth | Dragon Boat Festival


    Independence Day | Bastille Day



    Labor Day | Hispanic Heritage Month | Rosh Hashanah Ramadan |


    Mid-Autumn Festival | Yom Kippur | Simchat Torah | Sukkot | Columbus Day | Diwali | Hallowe'en


    Native American Heritage Month | Day of the Dead | Guy Fawkes Day | Veterans Day | Thanksgiving


    Hanukkah | Christmas | St. Stephen's Day | Kwanzaa | New Year's Eve Celebrations

    Home | Through the Year

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  • 2 decades ago

    1. Chinese New Year 新年 2.Tom-sweeping Festival 清明節

    3. Mother's Day 母親節 4.Dragon Boat Festival 端午節

    5. Father's Day 父親節 6.Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節

    7. Double Tenth Day 雙十節 8.Easter 復活節

    9. Valentine's Day 情人節 10.Halloween 美國萬聖節

    11. Thanksgiving Day 感恩節 12.Christmas 聖誕

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