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大量二氧化碳會造成溫室效應。什麼是 溫室效應?二氧化碳是一種溫室氣體,它會將太陽射到地球的熱力困著,導致地球大氣層的溫度逐漸上升,這便是溫室效應。

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    Air pollution of because of mainly is come from the automobile, factory, power plant and incinerator etc. to exhaust a great deal of waste gas.In addition, the dust that floats in the sky in the construction engineering and the cement works, "second-hand smoke" and some chemistries air etc. that sends forth that smoke cigarette to exhale, also will pollute the environment;Some nations carry on nuclear explosion's experimenting, also will make a great deal of air been subjected to the pollution.

    The automobile usually ejects the waste gas

    The pollutant of the automobile jet has the sulphur dioxide and oxidizes the pollutants, such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide and lead...etc. respectively.And these pollutants all would to our healthily have the tremendous influence.

    The factory continuously ejects the waste gas:

    The pollutant of the factory jet also has the sulphur dioxide and other pollutants of etc. that oxidize the nitrogen.

    Have a great deal of result of carbon dioxide

    A great deal of carbon dioxide will cause the green house effect.What is a green house effect?The carbon dioxide is a kind of glasshouse air, it will shoot the sun to the permafrost thermodynamic energy to trap, causing the temperature of the Earth atmosphere risen gradually, this would is the green house effect.

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    The origin cause of formation of the air pollution is mainly to come from automobile's , factory's , power plant's and incinerator's ,etc. discharging a large amount of waste gas . In addition, gas that and dust , smoking ' the second hand smoke ' and some chemical pharmaceutical breathed out that the cement plant fly upward give out ,etc. in the construction work, will pollute the environment too; Some countries carry on the nuclear test of producing, will make a large amount of air polluted too. Automobile discharge waste gas pollutant that automobile squirt have sulfur dioxide , pollutant of oxidizing the nitrogen , carbon monoxide and lead etc. separately often. And the pollutant will all have great influence on our health. The factory is discharging the waste gas constantly:

    The pollutant that the factory squirts has sulfur dioxide too and other pollutant of oxidizing nitrogen etc.. A large amount of carbon dioxide of consequence of a large number of carbon dioxide will cause the greenhouse effects. What is the greenhouse effects? The carbon dioxide is a kind of greenhouse gas, the heating power on the earth will be tired that it will penetrate the sun to, causing the temperature of the earth atmosphere to rise gradually, this is greenhouse effects.

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