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    "Four Nos plus One Without" (si bu, yi meiyou) pledge was made in his inaugural speech on May 20, 2000, concerning the political status of Taiwan.

    The pledge is an important part of cross-Strait relations. It states:

    Provided that the PRC does not attack Taiwan, Chen's administration would:

    Not declare Taiwan independence.

    Not change the national title from "the Republic of China" to "the Republic of Taiwan".

    Not include the doctrine of special state-to-state relations in the new constitution.

    Not promote a referendum on unification or independence.

    In addition, the "one without" was Chen's pledge not to abolish the National Unification Council or the National Unification guidelines.

    參考資料:Asia Times Online

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    four Nos plus oneI will not declare independence, I will not change the national title, I will not push forth the inclusion of the so-called "state-to-state" description in the Constitution, and I will not promote a referendum to change the status quo in regard to the question of independence or unification.

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