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    The world blows to rise a mold breeze, if isn't the handsome's beauty and perhaps can hardly be advertised business' favor, however Japan is do exactly the opposite, the year leads the mulberry in Europe of the half hundred anti- pour to become most the red advertisement star of the fire, the streets even still appears to exclusively adjust the actor of teaching the silver hair clan training class.

    An advertisement star that is located Tokyo trains the class, the combination of the student's looking isn't a special ho, but average age here over in the mulberry in 50-year-old Europe, probably appear the next advertisement star.

    A 64-year-old medium little enterprise owner has already had the representative the work, 72-year-old and old Sir not the much lets, also clapping several the advertisement, even still having the silver hair clan couple's file to also hold hands to connect to clap the advertisement, the silver hair clan advertises the shallow 沼肇 of the star to say, "too interesting, completely is the world that have never got in touch with."

    Shallow son of 沼迪 of the old companion says, "although just start having a little difficult is a feeling, however after accumulating the experience, in fact also pretty interesting."

    The advertising agency indicates that too many handsome's beauty has already shown audience annoy, the image comes close the people in general, and then sends forth the the mulberrieses in Europe of the steady heavy qualities, the on the contrary different soldier becomes advertising the market to get the power soldier, however such of trend's pouring is to let the expert fall to break the glasses

    Source(s): 自已,大概是這樣
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