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Brian Mcknight lyrics

\"Brian Mcknight Cherish lyrics\"


Thinkin\' back in time

Someone said that love was blind

But they were wrong

You just choose not to see me


When it\'s right before your eyes

You\'d rather compromise

Then give your all

Then it don\'t turn out

The way it\'s supposed to be


Time and time again you disapoint

When she belives

Just do your best

And give her what she needs



Cherish her love

Show her she\'s right where she belongs

Take care of her heart

Before she\'s gone

Cherish her love


It might be hard to conceive

Yougotta see the forest

Despite the trees

Before it all burns down


Not tellin\' ya nothing you dont\'t know

But she\'ll let you have your fun

But when a woman\'s done when she\'s done

And then she\'ll go

Just when you\'re needin\' her the most


Time and time again you disappoint

When she beleives

Do all you can

To give her what she needs



And if you care about the weather

Keep her safe and warm

Let nothing in between stand in your way

They say it\'s calm inside the eye of the storm

Together come whatever

Come what may



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