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Japanese culture changed …?

How has Japanese culture changed our daily lives? (about the music)

1.what is it? (music)

2.what was its historical background? what way it changed your life,family,or your society?

4.what is its historical significance?

I hope everybody can help me . I also hope the information can be more details and can enclose with the photos. Thank you very much=]


P.S: I want the answer of my questions , not the translation of my questions,thank you. Anyway,thank you for the people who have answer my questions=]

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    1.“J-pop” means “the popular music among the youths in Japan”.

    2.Many Hong Kong idols are copy Japanese idols.such as,e-kids copy w-inds. and cookies copy Morning Musume. Also,many Hong Kong people want to learn Japanese because they want to sing the Japanese song and also know more their idols things and the Japan's culture.

    3.J-POP word began to be known all over the world since Japanese music industry became big enough to influence Japanese pop culture and young people. Music industry in Japan is now one of the biggest industries in the world and affecting the music scene in other countries. Along with the expansion of Japanese music industry, J-pop has been getting popular in some countries in Asia, Europe and U.S., since internet makes it easier to access any information at home. In fact, some J-pop musicians like Glay often tour around Asia, especially China, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea. As well as Japanese artists tour around Asia, some Japanese bands tour in Australia. For example, the bands like Softball, Beat crusaders*1, Zoobombs and Suns owl toured in Australia during the last couple of years.

    4.When you listen to some J-pop songs, you may think “oh, I have heard these songs before…” And then, you will realize that you have never listened to them and they have quite unique sounds somehow. The uniqueness could be an arrangement of the songs, voice of singers, language differences or all of them. All J-pop songs have uniqueness and familiarity in common. It means that they are similar to existent music, but they are different in any ways. Once you listen to J-pop, you will be able to understand its uniqueness. J-pop is worth listening to.

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