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第一句 You can’t feed one of those newfangled automobiles a lump of sugar when you’ve changed a tire. On the other hand, it won’t try to rear back and kick you, either.

第二句 But change-even massive economic change-need not be fearsome if we plan for it. I’m told that my children, for example, could have as many as three separate careers in their lifetime. If my children grow up knowing that change is inevitable, they won’t fear it.



Reskilling can pay off by fostering reliable, loyal employees and taxpaying citizens. Then will have hope in the future rather than fear of change.

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    第一句=您無法哺養那些新潮的汽車的當中一個糖當您更換了輪胎。另一方面, 它不會設法撫養和踢您, 或者。

    第二句=但改變均勻巨型經濟改變需要不是可怕的如果我們對它計劃。我被告訴, 我的孩子, 例如, 能有多達三不同事業在他們的一生。如果我的孩子增長知道變動是不可避免的, 他們不會恐懼它。

    最後一句=Reskilling 可能付清由孵育可靠, 忠誠的雇員和taxpaying 公民。然後在將來將有對變動的希望而不是恐懼。

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