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Update 2:

不可以用"券" 因為這張卡是要永久使用的呀!

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    Feeding exchange ticket

    1. We cannot say "feed", because a noun here is more suitable. Yet, "feed" is a moun, but it means "餐", not the food of 餐. And "feeding" is "飼料".

    2. The word "exchange" can be omitted. Because it is useless at this position.

    3. "Ticket" means "票,券;車票;入場券". If you like, you can say "card", (but the meaning of "exchange" is not there, so I suggest the word "ticket".) "coupon"....

    2006-02-28 19:29:39 補充:

    -----Free Curing Coupon1. Free = not money needed2. "Curing" from "cure", meaning "治療". 3. When you say "card", it is just a piece of paper. But, "coupon", it is "票,券;車票;入場券".

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    用Dog Food Coupon就可以了


    如果是其他寵物用的,可以把Dog Food取代掉,如Cat Food、Fish Food、Pet Food等。

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    飼料兌換卡 ㄉ英文是

    Feed exchange card

    Source(s): ㄋ是要"飼料兌換卡"ㄉ英文ㄇ??
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