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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

........a joke,英文說笑話的講法?

........a joke,英文說笑話的講法?




有人用play a joke嗎?

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  • Frank
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    2 decades ago
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    英文裡除了 Joking 有開玩笑的意思Kidding 也可以拿來做開玩笑的意思He's joking 或是 He's kidding 都有 "他在開玩笑" 的涵義He played a practical joke on you!他對你開了個設計性的玩笑You're kidding me...你是在開玩笑吧...另者having me on 也有 "被開玩笑" 的意思不過是比較嚴肅一點的說法You're having me on..你不是在開我玩笑吧還有Fooling around 也可以拿來做 "開開玩笑" 的解釋不過得看情況用時才能看它的翻譯是否為開玩笑She's just fooling around她只是隨便亂講(搞)而已

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    你可以用 played a joke 來比喻 "開了個玩笑"he played a joke on you / 他對你開了個玩笑 (已發生)he is playing a joke on you / 他要對你開個玩笑 (正在發生)he is going to play a joke on you / 他將對你開個玩笑 (將會發生)

  • 2 decades ago

    那TELL A JOKE.可以嗎?

  • 2 decades ago

    如果跟對方開了 一個玩笑, 黑人講法是:

    "Nigga, I'm just fuxkin' with you." (自動消音)

    Source(s): 我在美國都跟黑人呼飯
  • 2 decades ago

    "tell" a joke最普遍的說法[用make好像也行]



    laugh at the joke聽到笑話笑起來

    有趣的笑話an amusing joke

    令人討厭的笑話a bad joke

    下流的笑話a dirty/rude joke

    惡作劇a practical joke

    Source(s): 自己&課本[龍騰高一上]
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  • Anonymous
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    a joke; a jest; a funny storyto ridicule; to laugh ata cause for ridicule; a laughable mistakechestnut【口】陳腐的笑話(或故事等);陳詞濫調funny【口】笑話[P1]ha-ha【美】【俚】笑話;笑柄in-joke圈內人(才能領會)的笑話jestbook笑話集jester愛開玩笑的人;愛說笑話的人nugae【拉】無聊的笑話;無聊事;瑣事

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