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    My father is a person of diligence, he falls overboard for his work, as long as speak of the work, he certainly throws down the handy thing desperation to run toward the company!He is a to take working as the heavy person!Is in no case slacken in work to the thing that work!

    Father am usually very good to me, wanting me only to have what request him to make an effort to attain!He is a good father of humor, humor and wit, kindness!Ignoring treats friend or relativeses, always all is have the person a feeling that makes amiable sends forth from his body!

    Father concerns the family very much!Wanting someone only gets sick!He that person that certainly brings to get sick right away goes for a doctor!Deeply fear the small illness and don't cure the Chengkong University disease!Will bring the serious result!He doesn't hope to have the whichever person to have an accident the feeling in the house!His biggest wishes is a whole family can the health , happy regiment get together!

    Father's usually recreational activity is to go to the park to play basketball with me together!All of my basketball techniques are what father teaches to mes.He is nothing is better than most favorite in sat on TV to watch the television before the machine!His liking what to see is ocean slice!I ask why he doesn't like favor the country slice!He only says:"The film result and acting skill that the foreigner claps compares Chinese superior."

    This is my father, a kind and genial and benevolent good father!



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