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我們老師要求 2 分鐘內的英語對話





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    (一)You are going to open a new account in First bank.

    A bank teller will help you to fill out an application form but you don't understand.

    (A: bank teller. B: customer)

    Bank teller:May I help you?

    Customer:I'd like to open a bank account.

    Bank teller:Fine. What kind of account would you like to have?

    A savings account or a checking account?

    Customer:A savings account.

    Bank teller:Fine. Would you please fill out this form?

    Customer:O.K. please lend me a pen.

    Bank teller:oh, yes. Here you are.

    Customer:Thank you, Would you please tell me how to fill in the form?

    Bank teller:sure.

    Customer:Thanks for your help.

    Bank teller:You're welcome.

    (二An interview. (A: boss B: interviewee)

    Boss:Have a seat, please

    Interviewee:Thank you.

    Boss:What's your name?

    Interviewee:My name is Mika Cheng.

    Boss:Where do you live

    Interviewee:I'm living in Kaohsiung.

    Boss:what school did you graduate?

    Interviewee:I graduated from K.Y vocational high school.

    Boss:What's your major?

    Interviewee:I majored in general business.

    Boss:Can you type?

    Interviewee:Yes, I can type 50 words a minute.

    Boss:Can you use a computer?

    Interviewee:Yes, I can.

    Boss:What's your expected salary?

    Interviewee:I would follow the company's.

    Boss:When can you start working here?


    Boss:O.K. That's all. We will contact you in a week.

    Interviewee:Thank you very much.

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