幾句賣場方面的英文翻譯 20點




哈囉,我願意再支付一次運費,請你把物品寄到 (xxx住址)

可以嗎? 請回覆我 謝謝!


2.(此賣場照片 有賣家提供的購買證明 請幫忙翻下列文字)


此外 接受第3人paypal付款嗎? 謝謝^^



Update 2:

以下是問題2賣家之回覆 但我看不太懂他說付款的方式

可以有人為我解答嗎 感激不盡


Thanks for your interest in the Shoes.

With regards to the purchase receipt, yes, that will be included with the shoes.

Update 3:

However, I’d need to know more about the circumstances surrounding a 3rd party payment before agreeing to it i.e. why this was necessary and where both you and the 3rd party are based.

Best regards,


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    1. Hello mate, I am willing to pay the postage once again and could you please post the item to the address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please get back to me if it's ok. Cheers!

    2.Hiya, can I have the purchase receipt if I won the auction of the shoes? By the way, do you accept PAYPAL payment by third party? Cheers

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    Hello, I would like to pay again a freightage, please send the article to(xxx address)

    Can? Please reply me to thank!


    2.(This selling exhibition photograph contain seller provide of purchase the certificate to ask help to turn over the following writing)

    Hello, if have to mark the shoes of the selling exhibition, can together with purchase the certificate to together send to me?

    Do you in addition accept 3 people the paypal payment?







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    1 decade ago

    1. The harrow, I am willing again to pay time of transport expense,

    asks you to mail the goods (xxx address) to be allowed? Please replied

    I thank!


    2. (this sells field picture to have purchase proof which seller

    provides please to help to turn following writing) the harrow, if

    the field shoe, may send together together with the purchase

    proof for me? In addition accepts the 3rd person of paypal payment?

    Thanks ^^

    喂, 感謝您的興趣在鞋子上。關於收據, 是, 將包括有鞋子。但是, 我會需要知道更多關於情況圍攏第三者付款在讚成它之前即為什麼這是必要的並且兩個您的地方並且第三者根據。此致敬意, Andy

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