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Anonymous asked in 遊戲與休閒活動其他:遊戲與休閒活動 · 2 decades ago



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  • 2 decades ago
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    As for the tattoo race group that, executes the technique not only is in the tribe the quite important ceremony, speaking of individual also affects his life. This chapter collection then the Taiwan original resident Zhu Tsu's tattoo origin fable, may divide into according to the tattoo goal "conceals the identity", "the ancestor spirit protects blesses", "distinguishes the enemy I", "the artistic decoration" and so on four types, therefore, the tattoo behavior imitates ancestor's initial behavior, the sacred ceremony behavior unceasingly repeatedly will capture clansman's life custom, once will put in individual life in the community, the tattoo motive not only individual artistic behavior, might use to the area to distinguish the enemy I, simultaneously also will be in the race group life status attribute, The tattoo custom lives with the tribe has the very big correlation.

  • 2 decades ago

    The ethnicity for tattooing, Shi Shu is not merely a quite important ceremony in the clan, also influence his life as to individual. Chapter this collect Taiwan aboriginal all tattoo of clan originate from legend at most, it is in accordance with tattooing it can divide into purpose it is for concealing by identitying, ' grandfather the clever to protect and help ', ' distinguish enemy and we ', four type such as being ' beautiful to decorate ', in view of this, the behavior tattooing is the initial behavior of imitating the ancestor, sacred ceremony behavior will lead the life custom of the department clansman repeatedly constantly, once put the personal life in the colony, the motive tattooing is not only a personal beautiful behavior, can distinguish enemy and us for the district , at the same time it is that the identity watch in ethnicity's life seeks too, tattoo custom is it have is it connect with the clan with to imprisonning very much heavy to survive.

    Source(s): 快譯通
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