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請問何謂double-wedding party?

In early 2004, for instance, the boss of the Sahara conglomerate, Subrata Roy, flew some 10,000 guests aboard 26 planes to Lucknow, in northern India, for a $128 million double-wedding party for his two sons.請問,句中的double-wedding party是什麼意思?已查過字典,查不到這個詞。謝謝回答!完整文章請見:Land of the Wedding Planners

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    在文章裡是說2個兒子一起辦的結婚派對/典禮不過一般只要2對新人一起結婚或辦結婚派對都可就double wedding party(外國人的婚禮通常都加party一起辦)聽過最扯的double-wedding是一個男的愛上一個女的...一個沒有爸爸一個沒有媽媽....小孩結婚了大人也結婚了-_-

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    for his two sons: 所以他有2個兒子

    double-wedding party : 就是:同時2個兒子在一個婚宴一起舉辦結婚派對囉...

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    2個兒子的婚禮一起辦 , 所以是DOUBLE

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