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be supposed to(被認為)

refer to(提及 指)

and then


..........such as.....

能順便附中文意思更好 謝謝辛苦的大大了!!

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    You're not supposed to take the books out of the library. (你不能把書帶出圖書館)

    Gary is as considerate as my boyfriend.(蓋瑞和我男友一樣體貼)

    The science fiction refers to a adventurous story between the two guys.(這本科幻小說是描述這兩個男孩的冒險故事)

    If you follow my advice,and then you will succeed in the near future.(如果你照我的話去做 那麼不久以後你將會成功)

    There are many buildings in the urban district such as libraries and shoping malls.(市區有許多像圖書館和購物中心的建築物)

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    1. The question is supposed unclearly to a small kid.

    2. He is short as comparing as his same ages group.

    3. Please refer your questions to the English dictionary.

    3. Father is old enough, and then he couldn't help you too long.

    4. If you were a female, I would tell you some women's talk.

    5. This apple has rotten place such as the black dot being deeply at the right side.

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    You are supposed to be here at ten, do you have any idea what time is it now?

    After the haircut, she became as beautiful as the celebrities on TV.

    This article refers to the importance of protecting the mother earth.

    When you finish the shower, go do your homework, and then go straight to bed.

    If I were you, I wouldn't do such a silly mistake, how could you trust a stranger?

    There are so many good movies this year, such as Pride and Prejudice.

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