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    Warrenty Information:

    台灣旻盛科技 warrants its products to be free from all manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. 台灣旻盛科技 will repair or replace, at no charge, any products supplied by 台灣旻盛科技 that is proven to be defective under normal use. Product replacement may be either brand new or factory reconditioned.

    This warranty does not cover products which have been improperly used, abused, damaged due to accident or natural disaster, or damaged due to unauthorized uninstallation, repair or modification.

    Warrenty Period:

    Life time warranty: the following digital products are covered by life time warranty


    Hold both sides of the memory card and firmly insert it into the memory socket of your digital product. Do not apply pressure against the center of the memory card. The memory can only be used in the above manner.

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    Warrenty Information should be "Warranty" InformationWarrenty Period should be "Warranty" Period

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    It is defended to harden articles. and technology..put..goods..material..production..artificial..make a model..provide..function..normal..product..originally..articles..harden..unexpected..accident..contain..defend..abuse..misuse..natural..disaster caused by

    It is defended to harden the time limit.

    It defends all one's life strongly: All products of the following digit are had

    and defended strongly at the life.

    Use explanation

    It is inserted that the device of the memory of several people with the vicinity on the side of the storage card by the finger firmly and suppresses it ..obtaining in the slot... The part in the center must not be suppressed, I must not apply pressure about memory, and the memory suppresses only use by inserting it by the correct method.

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