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for a while 是什麼意思?

for a while 是什麼意思?


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    for a while- 指極短暫的時間  也就是一下子.一會兒的意思和for some time,for a minute,for a moment 意思都一樣ex.Take some more hot water when you are sick,you will feel better for a while.當你生病的時候多喝點熱開水,再短暫的時間內你會覺得比較舒服一點

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    例句也可以用Drink some more hot when you are sick, you will feel better for a while.動詞用drink也可

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    "一下子" "一陣子"

    I went to my friend's house to visit him for a while before I went shopping yesterday.

    " 我昨天逛街前 先去我朋友家 拜訪他一下"

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    2.暫時 ex:for a while


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    for a while --有一陣子....應該是這樣ㄉ喔..

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    Let's stop doing it for a while.

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