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bearyea asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


front有兩個類似的片語用法,一是in the front of,另一個是in front of,記得曾看過書上說前者指的是後面受詞「外」的前方,例如:There is a car in the front of the hoese.(房子外前方有部車子),後者是後面受詞「裡」的前方,例如:The TV set is in front of the house.(房子裡前方有部電視機)。但常常在看外國文章或聽對話時,外國人本身都將這兩個混用,或是以其一代表兩種情況,怪哉?



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    in front of 和 in the front of 意義是不一樣,也不會被混用。

    in front of 是指 "在某東西之前"

    in the front of 是指 "在某東西的前面部分"

    所以你舉的例子 "房子外前方有部車子" 應該說成

    There is a car IN FRONT OF the house.


    There is a car IN THE FRONT OF the house.

    那意思是 "房子裏前面部份有部車子",意思就錯了。

    類似的 in the front of 的例子還有: (參看:

    I always prefer to travel in the front of the bus. (我總是喜歡坐在巴士的前座。)

    I sit in the front of the class.(我坐在班上的前排。)

    至於 in front of,大家比較熟析,就不多舉例。

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