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Pauline asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago







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  • 2 decades ago
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    It is 000. I am so pleasure to met you a few days agos. Although I didn't understand what were you talking about, as I saw your smile and I felt so happy as well. I do want to make a freinds with you but the language is a big problems for me, it is so sadly.

    However, If I can be friends with you, I will try to speak English with you and I can teach you Chinese as well. I hope that after you leave here, if you have the time, we can still keep in touch by letter or mail, it is like pen friend.


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  • 2 decades ago

    本來想投票的...為什麼一看文法都有明顯的錯誤...投不下去>< happy(這裡的其他形容詞也一樣) to 後面不是應該接原形動詞的嗎.....

  • 2 decades ago

    I'm 000 and i'm so happy to said you in the day before yesterday.Although i can't too understand you saying what. But see you smile.I also feel very happy.I think very much to be the friend with you. But the language is difference with us . It really very regrettable .

    But if we can to be the friend .I will try heart to speak English with you and i also can teach you Chinese.

    When you leave. I hope we can communication or be the pan pal when you have free time.

    希望能幫到你 , 這是自己想的~不是網路翻譯的

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  • angel
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    2 decades ago

    I am 000 and it was a great day meeting you the other day. Although I didn't understand what you are talking but really happy when I see you smile. I would love to be your friend, just too bad that we have language barrier. If can be your friend I will try my best to communicate with you in english. On the hand I could teach you to speak MandarinI hope that when you left we could still keep in touch by mail...

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