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Based on the salary structure of the Company for your position, your monthly base salary will be US$300 by 12 month basis a year. An additional month salary for year-end bonus will also be determined on your attendance and your performance and will usually be paid by the end of February. Your salary and benefits will be governed by the local terms and conditions in Augustus Asset Management Limited,British Virgin Islands.

After you have been confirmed in your appointment, either party may terminate this contract at any time by giving notice in writing or the payment in lieu of notice as follow:

Length of Service

Over 3 months but less than 1 year 10days

over 1 year but less than 3 years 20days

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    根據你在那家公司的職位,你的月薪是美金三百元。以一年十二個月來計算(也就是說$300 x 12 = $3,600)。年終獎金的多寡會依據你的出缺席記錄及工作表現來決定。一般都是二月底的時候會發年終獎金。你薪水及福利的規定是根據Augustus Asset Management Limited(公司名稱),British Virgin Islands(英屬維京群島.






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