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我想問 有關於Sex and the City

我想問一下Sex and the City

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Sex and the City 那ㄧ個







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    OS: Once upon a time an English journalist came to New York.

    OS:Elizabeth was attractive and bright.

    And right away, she hooked up with one of the city's typically eligible fashioners.

    Tim: Question remains. Is this the company wants or no?

    OS: Tim was 42. A well-liked n' respected investment banker who made about two million a year.

    OS: They met one evening in typical New York fashion. At a gallery opening.

    Tim: Like it?

    Elizabeth: Yes, actually, I think it's quiet interesting. What?

    Tim: I feel like I.... I've known you from somewhere.

    Elizabeth: Oh, doubtful. I've just moved in from London.

    Tim: London! Really! That's my old-time favorite city.

    Elizabeth: Oh, it is.

    Tim: Absolutely~

    OS: It was lovely for a sight.

    Elizabeth: You know, I think perhaps I've met you somewhere before.


    OS: For two weeks, they snuggled, went to romantic restaurants, having wonderful sex, and share the most intimate secrets.

    One warm spring day, he took her to a townhouse he saw in center of New York towns.

    Hostess: How about we start on the top n' work our way down? There are four bedrooms upstairs. Do you have any children?

    Tim: Not yet~ HeHe…(笑聲..-_-)

    OS: That day, Tim popped the question.

    Tim: I feel like to have a dinner with my folks Tuesday tonight.

    Elizabeth: I'd love to.

    OS: On Tuesday, he called for some bad news.

    Tim: My mom is not feeling very well.

    Elizabeth: Oh God, I am sorry…

    Tim: Can we take a rain check?

    Elizabeth: Of course. Tell your mama I hope she feels better.

    OS: When she hasn't heard from him for two weeks, she called.

    Elizabeth: Tim, from Elizabeth. So offering no rain check?

    OS: He said he is up to “Nadir” (地名??). Then he called her next day.

    Elizabeth: He never did call, of course. Bustard!

    OS: She told me one day over a coffee.

    Elizabeth: And I understand, in England, looking a house together, it'd meant something.

    OS: Then I realize no one've told her about the end of love in Manhattan.

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    一、TutorABC 馬上體驗

    二、English town 免費試聽

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    事實上那不是地名,應為"He said he was up to his ears" 關於raincheck原句應為"It's an awfully long raincheck","And I understand"應為"I don't understand"


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