Which job is better?

(Excause me I can\'t type Chinese here)

I\'m from Taipei. 26 years old. Getting married this year. Now I live in US with my American fiance and thinking about my future job.

My question is ..........................................

I want to be a flight attendant, or US school teacher......Which one is better???

My fiance is an art teacher in high school. He think both of us being a teacher is the best for the family. And he still respects me no matter what I want to be.

I know American airlines is losing money and the security problem. But I still dream about to work on a plane and travel. One thing good about foreign country\'s airline is they don\'t depend on ages or appearance other than Taiwan. I don\'t easily let my US friend know I want to be a F.A. because the honor of this job is not as high as Taiwan.

(American may surprised that there are always thousands of pretty girls join the recruitment exam but there are only 80~120 people hired......very \"dreamable\" & popular job....maybe that\'s why I wanna join in(but I know Asian\'s airline services is better.) (I\'m 158cm which is 5 feet. Still possible work on a plane here but not in Taiwan.)

My major was English. I became have no specialty when I come US. I know US need lots of qaulified Chinese teachers. I assume that I can make good money because we are on the trend of China\'s growth. But Taiwanese\' writing is diffirent than China; as I know, American prefer to learn simplified Chinese (easier). I can be a teacher but not sure am I passionate in teaching Chinese in my whole life.

One thing the same to me between these two job is that I still need be trained no matter what I do. And the money I make is about the same....

Back to my question......flight attendant and US school teacher.....which one\'s better??

Thank your for reading my question and please give me opinion if you understand the above English, thank you!!

(You can answer in English or Chinese. Thanks!!)

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    After reading your essay, I think you are very clear about the right answer. The only thing that makes you feel unconfortable is that being flight attendant seems to be your dream and you don't want to let it go. However, there is a trade off between flight job and grand job, the trade off is family and relationship. I have a friend who is a flight attendant, she has no time to take care of her baby girl so she needs to ask her mother to take care of the baby. It is sad. She join the airline before she got married and she is now thinking of quiting the job in order to spend more time with her family. I really suggest you to really weight your dream (being a flight attendant) and the costs of getting there. After you have been through the weighting process, the answer will come out straight away. Good luck.

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    家庭需要照顧 更是離不開

    當老師時間規律 兩人可以在一起的時間多


    如果當空姐 飛來飛去的 聚少離多 難免會有萬一發生(男生變心慘一點飛機失事)




    還有在台灣當空姐的人也不是一直在航空公司服務 大多數的人飛個幾年受不了就轉職業了


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