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    The brief introduction of participle:

    There are two kinds of participle in English. One is present participle (V-ing) and the other is past participle (p.p. -ed). Participle is mainly used as an adjective in a sentence. Present participle is used to express active and progressive meaning of a verb and past participle is used to express passive and perfect meaning of a verb.

    For example,

    1.Mary is cooking in the kitchen. (direct description - active and progressive tense).

    2.The girl cooking in the kitchen is Mary. (indirect description – active and progressive)

    3.The dog was run over by a car. (direct description – passive and perfect tense)

    4.The dog run over by a car was mine. (indirect description – passive and perfect tense)

    Sometimes they have their regular usages.

    For example,

    1. Mary is interested in this book. ( someone + be + p.p. in + something)

    = This book is interesting to Mary. ( someone + be + V-ing to + someone)

    2. My father was much surprised to hear the news.

    = The news sounds very surprising to my father.

    Please be also note although the form of a present participle is the same as a gerund, but their usages are completely different. A gerund (G, V-ing) can only be used as a noun while the present participle can only be used as an adjective.

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